We have developed a high temperature sinter and infiltrate process for the manufacture of controlled expansion composite (CEC) materials. Our sinter and infiltrate process enables us to produce tungsten/copper and molybdenum/copper components with extremely flat surfaces.

We use only high purity raw materials. There are no lubricants or sintering aides added during processing. The result is a CEC component with excellent dimensional stability (CTE), thermal uniformity(TC), and flatness needed in optoelectronic applications.

Our unique process offers the following advantages:

• Ability to vary metal matrix density to achieve optimum combination of CTE and TC values
• Excellent dimensional stability unaffected by high temperature cycling
• Machinable to exceptional flatness and surface finish
• Superior thermal conductivity compared to competitive products
• Metallization capability including electrolytic and electroless plating and thin film deposition

These characteristics make tungsten composites and molybdenum composites ideally suited for high power laser diode applications, silicon and III-V semiconductor materials, DWDM optical platforms and optoelectronic packages.


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