We manufacture industrial nozzles of various types with hard materials such as sintered carbides, silicon carbide and ultrahard boron carbide. These hard material nozzles have slightly different performance as follows:

Sintered carbide sandblast nozzles are highly wear and shock resistant. They are particularly suitable for applications under intense shock.

Boron carbide sandblast nozzles have a service life 4-7 times that of sintered carbides nozzles but their shock resistance is not as that of sintered carbides nozzles. They are most suitable for applications under severe wear, stable atmospheric pressure and medium shock.

Silicon carbide sandblast nozzles are between that of boron carbide and sintered carbides nozzles in terms of their wear and shock resistance. They weight less than sintered carbides nozzles.

We carry a good variety of these nozzles with different sizes and designs. We also build to your order in quantities. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


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